Millbrook Winery's Winegrowing Boot Camp is an insider's         experience for the adventurous wine lover.




 Learn the art and science of Hudson Valley viticulture in this hands-on experiential program with winemaker, John Graziano.

              Space is Limited


This six (8) part experiental series will focus on hands-on viticulture and wine making subjects associated with the growing and making of Millbrook's Tocai Friulano and Cabernet Franc.



Each seminar will challenge participants to roll their sleeves and plunge into winegrowing and winemaking during their visits to Millbrook Winery throughout the grape growing and winemaking season.

Participants will receive lunch, including a glass of wine, after each vineyard seminar during May through October at Millbrook's Vineyard Grille. The program also includes a seat at our annual Tocai Celebration luncheon (May 17) and our ‘new for 2014’ Red Wine Blending Seminar (Aug. 16), Vineyard Tasting & Walk (Sept. 20) Harvest Party luncheon (October 18). A final closing luncheon will occur in March 2015 to celebrate the bottling of the wine. 


$850.00 per person, plus tax

Price Includes:

  • All Seminars
  • Use of vineyard equipment
  • One seat at our Tocai Release Party
  • Lunch with wine at our Vineyard Grille
  • One seat at our 24th Annual Harvest Party
  • One Seat at our Red Wine Blending Seminar
  • 1 case (12 bottles) of custom labeled Tocai Friulano wine after bottling in March 2015



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Saturday, May 3 10:00am- 2:00pm

Vine Pruning And Tying

Participants will learn the viticultural aspects of pruning with hands-on instruction from winemaker, John Graziano. Students will actively pull brush, prune and tie vines.



Saturday, May 17 11:00am-3:00pm

Bud Break & Tocai Release Party

Students will visually inspect their vine site with John Graziano for bud break cam vine condition, then attend the Annual Tocai Release Luncheon that follows.


Saturday, June 7 11:00am-1:00pm

Vertical Shoot Positioning

A critical step in grape growing, each student will learn the art of vertical shoot positioning to maximize sun exposure to the grape vines.


Saturday, July 12 11:00am-1:00pm

Leaf Pulling

In July as the leaf canopy develops students will learn the next critical procedure which balances the amount of direct and indirect sunlight onto the fruit.  


Saturday, August 16 3:00-5:00pm

Red Wine Blending Seminar

Come in from the vineyard and get your chance at playing winemaker. Winemakers taste endless lots wine, blending different varietals together in different percentages to come up with the best wine possible. After brief instruction by John on the use of pipettes and graduated cylinders, you will be free to create your own master blend using an assortment of red wine barrel samples. Once you have determined your favorite cuvee, we will help you bottle and cork it and finish off the packaging with a personalized wine label.

Saturday, September 20 11:00-1:00pm

Vineyard Walk & Tasting

Join John Graziano for a Pre-Harvest Vineyard Walk. Boot campers will be able to taste grapes from the vines as well as join John and the team for Wine Tasting. We will tour through our vineyards and get to know our other core varietals a little better. This is a truly unique experience allowing participants to taste the grapes right off the vine and then experience them as wine. A great opportunity to ask a seasoned and award-winning winemaker questions about the grapes and the wines he crafts.

Saturday, October 18 10:00-3:00pm

Grape Harvest & Harvest Party Luncheon

Harvest dates cannot be directly determined and will depend on the 2013 growing season. Ripe fruit will be harvested by each student and brought to the crush pad.  All participants will attend the Annual Harvest Party Luncheon to follow.


Saturday, March 15 11:00am-2:00pm

Tocai Bottling

Over the winter the wine will be stainless steel fermented and cold stabilized by John Graziano and his wine making staff. In March each participant will come and watch as their personal case of wine is bottled and labeled.